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 4 December 2006

 Special Offer for Urgently Needed Legal Advice

        Before me are a great number of questions waiting for their turn to be answered chronologically in Arab News, which can only be done in small numbers every week, and the waiting may be long. For those in a hurry and cannot wait, I offer to answer directly, and have made a special fee of SR 500, to answer any one case. Several persons may join in to ask the same question.

        My Reply will be 1) written, 2) You will know exactly your legal position, and

3) what you can do by yourself or instruct an expert. 4) There will be no follow-up questions, except to explain my advice were it is not clear. 5) Please read carefully and reply in no more than one page of print. Send required documents.


1) Your Question and what are the objections of the adversary?

2) What is your basic salary  3) Are there above that any allowances such as housing, food, personal transportation, medical, school, annual bonus, etc?

4 ) When did your service start & when does your contract end? 5) Has it a clause to terminate before its end? 6) Is it automatically renewable? 7)Has it a vacation period, and for how long? 8) Send a copy of your contract. 9) Have you done any overtime on a written request of your employer? 10) Other matters?

 In the opinion I shall send you, I shall inform you of your legal position and how to get your rights and if I can help together with what may be the charges, if any.


Please send a cheque or transfer SR 500, to our bank account hereunder, and email to me or fax a copy of the cheque or deposit form. If the opinion needs more fees, I shall seek your approval before starting. If not approved, I shall refund your payment. For those with less than SR 2,000 salary, may send only SR 200.


Nader law Office, a/c No. 4428889, Saudi American Bank, Andalus Branch,

POBox No. 490, Jeddah 21411. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH BY MAIL.

You may also pay at our office reception, during working hours, 9-5.

Best regards


Dr. Mohammad M J Nader

Legal Consultant, Advocate



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