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Who is Dr Nader ?

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Who is Dr Nader ?

Dr. Mohamed M. J. Nader was born in Madina Saudi Arabia in 1930. He received his Law Degree from Cairo University in 1953, earned his Ph.D. degree at the International University of New York in 1984 and MBA in International Business Administration from American Pacific University Irvine CA in 1986.

On Graduation he joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served for 24 years. beside serving His Majesty's embassies in Kabul (1954-1959), Bonn(1960-1962), Kuwait(1962-1968), Baghdad(1968-1969),Washington Dc (1970-1972), San'a ( 1972-1973), he founded the legal department  in the ministry in 1960 , the research and study department in 1969 , the gulf department in 1972 and the department for the transfer of the foreign ministry and the foreign missions from Jeddah to Riyadh (1976-1977).
During his service , represented the KSA at the UN legal committee 1967 , directed the Saudi Arabian public relations program in the USA in 1970-1971 and directed the transfer of  the ministry of foreign affairs and the foreign diplomatic missions from Jeddah to Riyadh (1976-1977).

Retired from public service in 1977 , to establish Nader Law office in Jeddah 1977 , License # 27 1978 , formed the Riyadh office in 1979 , Nader mid-east law limited , in London 1991 , The Madinah branch in 1995.

Dr Nader is licensed to appear before all courts and commissions in Saudi Arabia .Nader law and translation  offices operates worldwide through their many close international legal and professional associations and networks.

Dr Nader remains active in public service .he lectures on legal and economic topics internally and abroad and is a member of several local and international prestigious institutions and associations.

Dr Nader is highly regarded as a public figure , writer , columnist and lecturer on law and economics. Among his books are the classic  " Conciliation and Arbitration in Saudi Arabia under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry " (1983) " Legal Practical Guide for the Businessman in Saudi Arabia" (1993) which has become a household for every Saudi and Foreign businessman. His books are written in both English and Arabic , considering the great number of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia.


His weekly article " The Law and You" in Saudi daily 'Arab News' has become a guideline for labor law relation for Saudi and expatriate businessmen.

Dr Nader Past and present activities include :

  • Deputy secretary general of the international bar association ( IBA) for the Arab world. Co-Chairman of the Arab committee 1985-1992 . Presently IBA representative for Saudia Arabia
  • Chairman of the Saudi Arabian national committee of the international chamber of commerce at the council of the Saudi Arabian chambers of commerce in Riyadh 1998-2001
  • Member of the committee for legal consultants at the chamber of commerce and industry in Jeddah 1985 - 1994
  • Fellow for life in the institute  of directors in London
  • Fellow of the chartered institute for arbitrators in London 1980-1993
  • Deputy chairman of the euro Arab world of arbitration , London 1984-1991
  • Vice president of the association Arabe De L'Arbitrage Internationale
  • Member of the ICC institute of international business law and practice in Paris 1991-2001
  • Panelist at the Cairo regional center for international commercial arbitration
  • Fellow of chartered institute of arbitrators 1992 - 1994
  • Member of several international legal and professional associations.

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